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The Plea

I have a goal. It has been a rough couple of years, but by its end I want my group, The Dapper Brass, to release our first album! The wheels are in motion already. The music is written and the musicians are set to record, but in order to meet my goal of releasing this year, we need help. Please consider donating to my tip jar. All of the money goes directly to the hardworking people involved in making these recordings, like the musicians, the illustrators for the song/album artwork, the mixers, as well as for the mastering, and producing download cards and CDs. Contributors of any amount will receive a download of our songs as they are released. Link to our tip jar is listed below.

Cost Breakdown

For each song I'm paying $25 per musician x7 musicians, plus $100 for mixing and $80 for mastering

That comes to $355 per song, of which I plan on releasing 8. Rounding up for CD duplication and album artwork, we reach our goal amount of $3000.

I will be giving weekly updates on our social media and shouting out our recent donors and supporters. I want to do the most that I can to help the artists around me, so any amount that we raise over the goal will also be funneled to these amazing people.

Thank you,

Videos from the project:

Money Raised as of 11/15/2020: $825/3000

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