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The Dapper Brass

The Dapper Brass was formed by composer, Joe Ricard, and had their first show in May 2018 at The Lilypad in Cambridge MA. Since then, the group has played in numerous shows in the New England and New York areas, and has been featured on the Brian Kirby's TV show "502 Sessions".

The group consist of 8 highly in demand players from the Boston and New York areas and aims to demonstrate the power of acoustic musicians in an increasingly electronic world. We began releasing singles in 2021 which can be purchased below. Sign up for our mailing list to get live updates, or follow us on social media!

Artist information:

Label: Self-represented

Genre: Funk Brass Band

Hometown: Boston, MA

Influences: Dirty Dozen Brass Band,

No BS Brass Band, Roy Hargrove,

Trombone Shorty, Buddy Rich Big Band


Russ Sternglass: Drums

Zack Grass: Tuba

Joe Ricard and John Cushing: Trombone

Jon Weidley and Paul Sanchez: Trumpet

Tyler Burchfield and Jake Hirsch: Sax

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